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Stainless Steel Oven Cleaning Dip Tank Ready to be Van Mounted with Drip Tray

These bespoke oven cleaning tanks are manufactured exclusively for Finley’s, and can be produced in a wide range of sizes, depending on a customer’s specifications. Our oven cleaning tanks are produced from 304 stainless steel. Using a stainless steel tank gives you the option of either using caustic or non-caustic cleaning products. We at Finley’s […]

Stainless Steel Dental Surgical Medical Instrument Exam Tray Cassette-288x187x29

Leave us a message. Cotton & Dressing Instruments. Dentist’s Choice Instruments. Ligature Directors & Pickers. Mouth Mirror & Handles. Retractors & Mouth Gags. Student Basic Examination Kits. Wax & Modeling Carvers. Medical Surgical Dental Instruments Cassette Stainless Steel. SIZE IN INCHES ARE. Length 11.5 INCHES. Width 7.5 INCHES. Depth 1 3/4 INCHES. Surgical Instruments Trays […]

5 x Stainless Tray Cassette for 10 Pcs Instruments Surgical Dental Implant Tools

Stainless Steel Sterilisation Cassettes For 10 Instruments Pack of 5. STERILISATION CASSETTE FOR 10 INSTRUMENTS SLIM STYLE. Stainless Steel Sterilisation Cassette Tray. Size: 19 x 13.5 x 2.5 CM. Fully Autoclavable Slim Style. Made with Highest quality medical grade Stainless Steel. Rusting Prevention Procedure: Passivated. Tests Performed: Boil Test. Performance Test, Shape Test. Fully Autoclavable […]